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“For the sake of the women who are to come after” Manchester’s Radical Women 1914 to 1945 by Michael Herbert.  Published April 2019.


ISBN 978-0-9932247-2-0

The book tells the stories of Manchester women who campaigned for social change and progress.

It includes women who:

-campaigned during the First World war for a  just and lasting peace that would prevent another war

-went to Ireland in October 1920  during the War of Independence to investigate what was happening to Irish people

-supported miners and their families during the Miners’ Lockout in 1926

-marched from the north to London  on Hunger Marches  in the 1930s

-fought against  Mosley’s blackshirt fascists

-went to Spain to serve as nurses during the Spanish Civil War

-discussed the role of  women workers  during the Second World war  in the Lancashire Women’s Parliament

This book was launched on 6 April 2019 at Three Minute Theatre, Manchester. You can read a report here.

“For the sake of the women who are to come after”  is available for sale in the bookshop at Home, Manchester; in the bookshop at the People’s History Museum, Manchester;  and  at News from Nowhere bookshop in Liverpool. It  is also available for sale  online  from News from Nowhere

Michael’s  previous work includes; The Wearing of the Green: a political history of the Irish in Manchester ;   “Up Then Brave  Women”: Manchester’s  Radical Women 1819 to 1918 and Doctor Who and the Communist: Malcolm Hulke and his career in television.


Dare to Be Free: Women  in Trade Unions,  Past and Present

Dare to Be Free front coverThe Mary Quaile Club’s second publication, published on 4 June 2016,   explores the role of women  in trade  unions, both in the past  and in contemporary Britain.

In the first part Michael Herbert  tells the remarkable story of Mary Quaile (1886-1958). An Irish migrant to Manchester,  Mary rose from working as a waitress to fame as one of the most active women trade unionists in Britain. She organised women workers through the Manchester and Salford Women’s  Trades  Council, and later as a national officer in TGWU. In 1925 she led a TUC delegation of British women trade unionists to the Soviet Union to see this new society for themselves. In 1926 she was on the General Council  of the TUC during the General Strike.  For   fifty years Mary never wavered from her  belief that trade unions  were the key to women achieving proper  pay and decent  working conditions.

In the second part Bernadette Hyland  interviews ten women of today from different unions  about  how  and why they became active in the trade  union movement. Working in  both the public and private sector, and of different ages, they too are united in their belief that trade unionism can make a real difference to the lives of working women and men. The women  she interviews are Jane Stewart (UNITE), Annette Wright (PCS, Manchester Trades Union  Council), Bernie Gallagher (UNISON), Rachel Broady (NUJ), Linda Mercer (GMB), Lorna Tooley (RMT), Sarah Woolley (BFAWU), Beccie Ions (GMB), Nilufer Erdem (UNITE) and Jade Clarke (BFAWU).

“I’m active… because I believe that working class people, within unions, are the main power for political change and when organised, we can apply immense pressure on our political leaders to create a fairer, more prosperous society with less inequality. I would like to see the wealth begin to move from the ruling class into the other 90%!” Jade Clarke, BFAWU

Publication has been made possible by a grant from the Barry Amiel  and Norman Melburn Trust and the General Federation of Trade Unions. It  has 42 pages and is professionally designed. It costs £3.95. ISBN 978-0-9932247-1-3.

It was launched on 4 June 2016 at Three Minute Theatre as part of the Manchester Histories Festival.

How to buy this book


You can buy it in person from News from Nowhere, from the bookshop at Home in  Manchester and from Bookmarks in London.


This book will not sold through Amazon. Instead  please buy it from ” real Amazons” at the News from Nowhere online shop.

Reviews and other articles about the book

Review on the Working Class Movement  Library blog

Article by Bernadette Hyland  for Women Writers blog: “Mary Quaile: Why Don’t we Know About Her?

Article by Bernadette Hyland in Morning Star on Mary’s trip to Soviet Union in 1925.


Northern Resisters: conversations with radical women by Bernadette Hyland

published on 1 may 2015.

ISBN 978-0-9932247-0-06


Northern ReSisters front cover

In this  book Bernadette speaks to nine women  from the north west  who have been active in radical  movements over the pasty forty years, including trade unionism, Women’s Liberation, radical  bookselling,  anti-racism, the peace movement, Ireland and Palestine.

Bernadette says: “In this book I ask the question; what does it mean to be an activist; how does it affect your life and how do people keep going at a time of increasing attacks on all the aspects of this society that has made it a decent place for people to live? 

My conversations  with these women cover many of the important issues of the post war era:  the peace movement, trade unions, women’s  rights and issues around sexuality, anti-fascist campaigns, Ireland and Palestine. It is their story, it is my story and it may be yours.

In the second part of the book Bernadette has selected a number of her articles previously published between 1988 and 2014. These include articles about  Irish identity  and politics  in Britain, an interview with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, an article about trade union education projects and a discussion   with writers Cathy Crabb, Alice Nutter, Maxine Peake and Sally Wainwright on whether there is such a thing as a “northern writer”.

Bernadette Hyland is a writer, researcher and political activist.  Born in Manchester she sees herself as following in the footsteps of the rich radical  history of the north.  Her articles have appeared in the Irish Post,  Morning Star, Big Issue in the North, Contributoria and other publications.  She also  writes a popular  blog  Lipstick Socialist.  Bernadette is a member of the Manchester branch of the  National Union of Journalists.

The book has 76 pages and is professionally designed and printed  with numerous pictures to acompany the articles. It costs £5.95

In January 2016 Northern ReSisters was longlisted for the Bread  and  Roses radical  book prize, which is awarded every year by the Alliance of  Radical   Booksellers. Other books listed include Sophia: Princess,  Suffragette, Revolutionary  by Anita Anand,  Cameron’s Coup by Polly Toynbee, and Blacklisted by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain.

Reviews and articles about the book

a review of the book by Mark Metcalfe in UNITE magazine March 2016.

Bernadette is interviewed about the book on local Manchester TV station That’s Manchester

an article by Bernadette about why she wrote the book  in the Morning Star

Bernadette discussed Northern ReSisters and some of her favourite  books on Hannah’s  Bookshelf, presented by Hannah Priest on North Manchester FM on 9 May 2015. You can still listen to the programme here.

a review of the book  by Jo K in the Salford Star

a review of the book by Jeannie Robinson in Socialist Review

a review of the book by Dorothy Winard on the Working Class Movement Library blog

a review of the book by Chris Tavner in Now Then magazine

an article about the book in the Saddleworth Independent

an article about the book in the Irish Post

an interview with Bernadette in Now Then magazine

a review of the book by Charlotte Hughes on her blog The Poor Side of Life

The book was very favourably  reviewed in Socialist Lawyer, the magazine of the Haldane Society. (This is not yet available online)

How To Buy This Book.


Northern ReSisters  is now on sale at the bookshop in Home, Manchester;  in  News From Nowhere, Liverpool; and in Bookmarks in London.


This book  will not be sold through Amazon. Instead  Northern Resisters can be purchased online from News From Nowhere (the “real Amazons”) and from the Morning Star Online Bookshop






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