Mary Quaile Club event on 6th April 2019: Launch of our new publication ““For the sake of the women who are to come after” Manchester’s Radical Women 1914 to 1945.

      Michael Herbert, Ciara O Sullivan and Zoe Iqbal

On Saturday 6th  April the Mary Quaile Club launched its latest publication; “For the sake of the women who are to come after” Manchester’s Radical Women 1914 to 1945.

Author and socialist historian  Michael Herbert explained how the book was a culmination of his research and the radical history courses that he has run over the last four years. It is a sequel to his previous work “Up Then Brave Women” (2012) which told the story of Manchester’s radical women from the fields of Peterloo in 1819 up to the partial suffrage victory of 1918 when women aged over 30 gained the vote.

Beautifully designed by Mike Carter the book and the women’s stories are brought to life by some wonderful photographs. They show the hardships faced by the political women,  but also their hopes and joys for the future.

In the book we learn of the women who  campaigned during the First World war for a  just and lasting peace that would prevent another such war: went on a delegation to Ireland in 1920 to investigate what was happening; supported miners and their families during the Miners’ Lockout in 1926:  marched from the north to London  on Hunger Marches  in the 1930s, went to Spain to serve as nurses during the Spanish Civil War, opposed the fascist Blackshirts;  and discussed the role of  women workers  during the Second World War  in the Lancashire Women’s Parliament.

Michael dramatised the book  with  photographs and films of the era while  actor Zoe Iqbal read the words of the women themselves  and led the audience in some impromptu chanting of a slogan used by women marching in the 1930s:

Work Work Work

We want work

                                                                                         And an end to the Means Test

                                                                             Slave camps and the rest!


The Mary Quaile is indebted to 3MT for the venue and John Topliff for his technical support.

To buy the  book  please contact us directly at

Price £5.95 plus postage.

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