Mary Quaile Club event on 21 March 2015 , A real International Women’s Day event!

International Women’s Day was celebrated for its true socialist feminist origins on  21 March by the Mary Quaile Club. The day celebrated the life of trade unionist and socialist feminist Mary Quaile with contributions from historians, trade unionists and women activists.
MQC activist Ciara O’Sullivan opened the day with a reminder of the history of IWD and the role of socialist feminists, Clara Zetkin and Louise Zeitz, in its founding.


The first session comprised a fascinating account of Mary’s life by historian Alison Ronan and a contribution by Unite shop steward Hannah Ravenscroft on her work at the Vauxhall Car Factory in Merseyside.

The next session looked at two of the new movements for political change in Scotland and Spain. Susan Lyons joined us from Scotland and spoke about the Women for Independence movement, its birth and role in the referendum campaign. Laura and Elena from Podemos, (We Can) the Spanish political party which has a “circle” in Manchester and across the country, spoke about why the party started and its policy on feminising the economy.

Selma James of the Global Womens Strike Movement spoke about the need for women to organise and reflected on her new book about Tanzania and the socialist movement there in the 1960s.

The last session looked at the role of activism in Manchester particularly the trade union movement. Annette Wright, President of Manchester Trades Council, spoke about the role of trades union in the current climate and the need for back to basics work including the recruitment of young people into the movement. Bernadette Hyland, writer and activist, reflected on the lives of women activists that she had interviewed for her new book. “Northern Resisters; Conversations with Radical Women.” It is the first Mary Quaile Club publication.

Lots of interesting comments were made during and between the sessions as well as connections between people keen to get involved in political activity.

Michael contributed to this news item on BBC online see

Thanks to Conrad Bower for the photos.

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